About the project

The idea and goal of the project is to create an online open-access database ADAMANT containing theoretical high-precision spectroscopic parameters and electron/photon interaction with ion parameters for the complex atoms and multicharged ions. Data users will be able to download these data for their practical applications or data comparison in order to assess the accuracy of presented results. The database will include diverse parameters of atoms and ions: the energy levels, radiative transition wavelengths and rates, autoionization rates, electron-impact excitation and ionization cross-sections and collision strengths, dielectronic recombination rate coefficients. These data are required for modelling of both high-temperature (nuclear fusion and astrophysical) and low-temperature plasma such as planetary nebulae or working component of medical and spectroscopic diagnostic devices. Quite a lot of calculations of the spectral parameters for various chemical elements have been reported over many years. Unfortunately, their use in plasma modelling is restricted, since the data are not consistent, the energy levels for radiative transitions between discrete levels are calculated with different software packages, applying different approximations to include correlation and relativistic effects comparing to data of electron scattering processes. These differences cause incompatible energy level arrangement for the above-mentioned sets of atomic data and substantially complicate practical data applications. During the project implementation, the theoretical calculations will be performed exploiting the same software packages and using consistent approach to account for electron correlations and relativistic effects. This will facilitate data use by plasma modellers. Established database will increase number of our high-accuracy atomic data users by allowing simple and automated data transfer to plasma simulation codes.